If you are in an operational or technology role at an asset management firm, you will not want to miss this informative and engaging webinar, featuring some of the most respected professionals in the industry. Overcoming Operational Limitations in Business Expansion delves into the challenges and opportunities faced by asset management organizations that are going through a pivot to improve their delivery of service to stakeholders and the efficiency of their operational processes. Speakers will discuss how various departments across organizations are collaborating with one another, the types of technologies that are being implemented and the strategies behind the execution of their operational objectives.

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10:10 AM EDT

3:10 PM BST


10:15 AM EDT

3:15 PM BST

ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSION: What are the major barriers to business expansion, why do they persist, and what are the tried-and-tested tactics available? Exploring the experiences in operations, finance, and technology

  • Before considering expansion, what are some of the biggest changes that asset management firms will need to make to their organizations to remain relevant and implement in the coming years, based on evolving client and stakeholder needs?
  • What are the main barriers organizations face in executing a front-to-back transformation while maintaining high standards in the client and stakeholder experience, and what strategies do panelists feel will work?
    • Overcoming hiring challenges in a tight labor market
      • Has the manager/employee dynamic shifted since the onset of the pandemic?
      • How do organizations reduce key main risks?
    • Selecting and implementing new technologies
    • Build, buy or outsource? What is the best option for the organization?
  • Various interesting and exciting developments have come to the fore in the past few years. What’s their potential moving forwards?
    • The role of automation and natural language programs in asset management
      • Reducing menial and repetitive tasks
      • Analyzing data and developing solutions
      • Developing human talent, but where to focus them?
    • Comprehensive outsourcing: investment firms can now outsource nearly everything – is this the end of the in-house middle and back-office?

Moderator: Andrew Putwain, Editor, Clear Path Analysis

Walter Joyce, Head of Investment Services, TIAA Investment Management Group

Russell Newman, Managing Director, Great Lakes Advisors

Arthur Melkonian, Chief Operating Officer, Equinox Partners

Aani Nerlekar, Senior Director, Solutions Management & Solutions Consulting, SS&C Advent

11:15 AM EDT

4:15 PM BST


Russell Newman

Managing Director, Great Lakes Advisors

Walter Joyce

Head of Investment Services, TIAA Investment Management Group

Arthur Melkonian

Chief Operating Officer, Equinox Partners

Aani Nerlekar

Senior Director, Solutions Management & Solutions Consulting, SS&C Advent

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