Despite some challenging macro economic trends, shifting commodity prices and pockets of currency volatility, emerging markets remain a vital diversification tool. To harness their potential and boost portfolio returns, investors must think smartly if they are to identify where local currency opportunities will win out and what emerging market opportunities can add weight to their equity portfolio.

The second annual Investing in Emerging Markets, North America report brings together senior contributors from institutional asset owner groups to unpack and explore the various factors driving emerging market performance today.

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1.1 CASE STUDY: Challenging conventional wisdom in emerging markets

• Stephen Kwa, CFA, Senior Client Portfolio Manager, Schroder Investment Management North America

• Michael O’Brien, Ph.D., Research Analyst and Portfolio Manager, Schroder Investment Management North America

1.2 INTERVIEW: How are shifting sands in the commodity landscape simultaneously hindering and helping emerging market performance?


• Noel Hillmann, Managing Director, Clear Path Analysis


• Roman Matkiwsky, Director, Energy & Infrastructure, Black Sea Trade and Development Bank

1.3 ROUNDTABLE: Should asset owners seek private or public investments for maximised risk adjusted returns?


• Noel Hillmann, Managing Director, Clear Path Analysis


• Patrick Roy, Portfolio Manager, Public Assets, Canadian Medical Protective Association

• Roger Leeds, Director of the Center for International Business and Public Policy, John Hopkins University

• Hemal Naran, Head of Investment, Government Employees Pension Fund (GEPF)



2.1 ROUNDTABLE: How should emerging market debt be apportioned between dollar denominated and local currency allocations?


• Hubert Danso, Chief Executive Officer and Vice Chairman, Africa Investor


• Andrew Russell, Head of Fixed-Income Investments, The Pension Boards – UCC

• Ravi Vish, Director and Chief Economist, Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency, World Bank

• Allen Huang, Director of Fixed Income, Indiana Public Retirement System



3.1 EXPERT DEBATE: Despite decoupling and U.S. equities rebounding how can emerging markets still boost the overall equity portfolio?


• Padraig Floyd, Independent Journalist


• Amy Falls, Chief Investment Officer, Rockefeller University

• William “Will” Chau, Senior Manager, Retirement Investments, Intel Corporation

Andrew Russell

Head of Fixed Income Investments / The Pension Boards – UCC

Amy Falls

Chief Investment Officer / Rockefeller University

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