A bespoke report commissioned by AAM Insurance Asset Management addressing the investment aspirations, challenges and issues facing insurance risk carriers with $500m - $2bn in Assets under Management. The report will examine through an industry roundtable debate and further white paper, how insurers can deal with complex investment challenges, access optimal assets and time their entry and manage liabilities through a total asset allocation plan.

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1.1 ROUNDTABLE: What factors should insurers consider when looking to outsource a part of their portfolio management to an asset manager or third-party?


• David Grana, Report Publisher, Clear Path Analysis


• Rip Reeves, Chief Investment Officer, AEGIS

• Aaron Diefenthaler, Chief Investment Officer, RLI Corporation

• John Patin, VP Investments, Allied World

• Joshua Neuman, Chief Investment Officer, Ironshore

• Jack Nelson, Chief Investment Officer, Everest Re Group

1.1 WHITE PAPER: Small versus Large in Insurance Asset Management

• Peter A. Wirtala, CFA Insurance Strategist, AAM Insurance Investment Management

Rip Reeves

Chief Investment Officer / AEGIS

Aaron Diefenthaler

Chief Investment Officer / RLI Corporation

John Patin

VP Investments / Allied World

Joshua Neuman

Chief Investment Officer / Ironshore

Peter A. Wirtala

CFA Insurance Strategist, AAM Insurance Investment Management

Jack Nelson

Chief Investment Officer, Everest Re Group

For 35 years, AAM has been dedicated solely to insurance asset management. Our talented and innovative team of experts is committed to generating the best investment ideas for our clients. With substantial expertise in portfolio management, in-house security research and superior service, we have distinguished ourselves in the industry. At just under $19 billion of AUM our strength originates from our size, from our independent research capabilities and from our ability to invest around our client’s goals, needs and circumstances.

By listening to those in the industry, we create a shortlist of individuals who most influence and inspire those around them and invite them to contribute to our reports and events by:

Contributing a thought piece on an issue raised in the market research

Participating in or moderating a roundtable with other industry leaders

Participating as an interviewer or interviewee

Producing a case study white paper written with a client or supplier

Taking part in a head to head debate with another respected industry professional.

Clear Path Analysis is always open to suggestions of suitable contributors for future topics.

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