With global growth strategies still firmly on the agenda in the face of heightened market volatility and cross-border regulatory differences, the role of optimal technology and data is firmly in the spotlight to ease the pressures faced by fund and asset managers. With investors also demanding a wider array of investment options, investment groups are needing to assess how to navigate and streamline governance and reporting procedures with questions asked if an internal management or outsourced approach is the best fit for their company.

The fourth annual Fund Technology & Data, North America report brings together North American based fund and asset management professionals to address the challenges in building a comprehensive technology and data platform across the front, middle and back office.

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Exploring the latest innovations in technology solutions and application of data processes to manage your investment business through volatile and uncertain times



An asset managers view on the regulators’ response to the latest technological trends in asset management and third-party services: is innovation being justly supported?


  • Noel Hillmann, Managing Director, Clear Path Analysis


  • Clint Pekrul, Head of Research, Peak Capital



The potential of new technologies to ensure they meet business expectations and satisfy regulatory realities

  • Lisa Shea, Senior Product Manager, Northern Trust, Northern Trust

How the US Department of Labor’s Fiduciary ruling is changing technology for the fund world


  • David Grana, Head of North American Media, Clear Path Analysis


  • Craig Dunham, Vice President of Financial Services, Seismic

How have market leading investment management companies restructured in order to take advantage of new trends in technology?

  • Melvin Manchau, independent technology expert and management advisor

The potential of new technologies to ensure they meet business expectations and satisfy regulatory realities

  • Michael Herskovitz, Senior Vice President and Partner, AB

How Sales Enablement Can Mitigate the Effects of Regulations Like The DOL Fiduciary Rule

  • Craig Dunham, Vice President of Financial Services, Seismic



Breaking Down Buy-Side Barriers: Achieving Alpha Through Agility

  • Senior Representative, SimCorp North America

Michael Herskovitz

Senior Vice President and Partner / AllianceBernstein

Clint Pekrul

Head of Research, Peak Capital

Lisa Shea

Senior Product Manager, Northern Trust, Northern Trust

Craig Dunham

Vice President of Financial Services, Seismic Software

Melvin Manchau

Independent technology expert and management advisor

Jeff Scott

Chief Investment Officer, Verus Investments

Dayle Scher

Senior Analyst, TABB Group

Barb O'Malley

Senior Vice President, Northern Trust

Northern Trust is a leading provider of asset servicing and asset management services worldwide. With $6.4 trillion in assets under custody and $906 billion in assets under management, we serve the world’s most-sophisticated clients – from corporate plans and public and government entities to not-for-profits and sovereign wealth funds.
SimCorp provides integrated, best-­in­-class investment management solutions to the world’s leading asset and fund managers, pension and insurance funds, wealth managers and sovereign wealth funds. Whether deployed on premise or as an ASP solution, SimCorp Dimension supports the entire investment value chain and range of instruments, all based on a market­-leading IBOR.
Seismic is the leading end-to-end sales enablement solution for institutional financial services firms worldwide. Seismic’s platform gives asset and wealth management firms and business banks the ability to deliver the right client content at the right time, facilitating a world-class client experience. With Seismic, marketing teams are automating the personalization of client-facing materials via Seimsic’s award-winning LiveDocs® technology, which are then automatically accessed by distribution teams at any time, on any device, and always fully compliant, allowing them to spend more time developing and nurturing client relationships.

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By listening to those in the industry, we create a shortlist of individuals who most influence and inspire those around them and invite them to contribute to our reports and events by:

  • Contributing a thought piece on an issue raised in the market research
  • Participating in or moderating a roundtable with other industry leaders
  • Participating as an interviewer or interviewee
  • Producing a case study white paper written with a client or supplier
  • Taking part in a head to head debate with another respected industry professional.

Clear Path Analysis is always open to suggestions of suitable contributors for future topics.

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The Boston edition, now in it’s sixth year, continues to grow and attract senior decision makers from the world’s largest and most successful investment management companies, looking to learn, benchmark and make valuable new business connections.

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AT Monitor - Management and monitoring of ATMs is something for which KAL software is well equipped. As providers of remotely operated ATM technology, KAL’s management and monitoring software solutions are designed to offer automated update services and remote diagnostics. KAL’s software solutions are hardware-independent, which allows them to run on various hardware platforms from different vendors. This is essential when large institutions merge and need to create a single, cohesive self-service network.