With the growth in awareness of factor investing amongst institutional investors, asset allocators and fund managers are increasingly challenging the role such benchmarks can play in their investment strategies. However, with the market still young and new factors being developed rapidly, much more still needs to be understood about the market’s potential.

The Factor Investing Strategies report will bring together pension plan managers and investment officers to examine the merits of factor investing, its viability, factor rotation, timing and the combining together several factors into one strategy to achieve optimal risk exposures for maximized risk adjusted returns.

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Know your benchmark: factor exposures and smart beta indexes

  • Peter Gunthorp, Managing Director, Research & Analytics, FTSERussell

What drives asset owners to look at Factor indexes, and how do they select the right bench mark for them


  • Noel Hillmann, Managing Director, Clear Path Analysis


  • Paul Johnson, Trustee, State University Retirement System of Illinois



Who should be responsible for factor rotation and is it best managed from the passive or active desk?


  • Noel Hillmann, Managing Director, Clear Path Analysis


  • Geoff Eliason, Chief Operating Officer, Peak Capital Management
  • Tarik Nbigui, Investment Strategist, Blue Sky Group
  • Christopher Sullivan, Chief Investment Officer, United Nations Federal Credit Union
  • Peter Gunthorp, Managing Director, Research & Analytics, FTSERussell



How can investors decide on the ‘right’ combination of factors and ensure their implementation into a well-diversified portfolio?


  • Noel Hillmann, Managing Director, Clear Path Analysis


  • Phil Tindall, Director, Investment, Towers

Peter Gunthorp

Managing Director, Research & Analytics / FTSE Russell

Geoff Eliason

Chief Operating Officer / Peak Capital Management

Christopher Sullivan

Chief Investment Officer / United Nations Federal Credit Union

Tarik Nbigui

Investment Strategist / Blue Sky Group

FTSE Russell is a global index leader that provides innovative benchmarking, analytics and data solutions for investors worldwide. FTSE Russell calculates thousands of indexes that measure and benchmark markets and asset classes in more than 70 countries, covering 98% of the investable market globally.
FTSE Russell index expertise and products are used extensively by institutional and retail investors globally.
Approximately $10 trillion is currently benchmarked to FTSE Russell indexes.
For over 30 years, leading asset owners, asset managers, ETF providers and investment banks have chosen FTSE Russell indexes to benchmark their investment performance and create ETFs, structured products and index­based derivatives. A core set of universal principles guides FTSE Russell index design and management: a transparent rules­based methodology is informed by independent committees of leading market participants. FTSE Russell is focused on applying the highest industry standards in index design and governance and embraces the IOSCO Principles. FTSE Russell is also focused on index innovation and customer partnerships as it seeks to enhance the breadth, depth and reach of its offering.
FTSE Russell is wholly owned by London Stock Exchange Group.

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