With global financial markets enduring a turbulent period of market corrections and shifts from high risk equities to core fixed income, the search for uncorrelated returns has driven many institutional investors to explore alternative investment areas as both a diversifier and to meet portfolio goals. Non-catastrophe insurance linked assets, a relatively new asset class deriving from Insurance-Linked Securities (ILS), has presented both asset owners and asset managers with a unique opportunity to generate yield through allocating to insurance liabilities, all without the correlation risk to broader financial markets and economic risks.

The Diversifying with Non-Catastrophe Insurance-Linked Assets report, in partnership with Vesttoo, brings together the perspectives of asset allocators to discuss and debate the benefits of investing in traditional insurance liabilities in the Life and P&C sectors. The report explores how AI and risk modelling technology can manage these transactions, optimise diversification, and enhance responsible investments within institutional investors’ portfolios. Industry leaders will delve into the market of collateralized reinsurance asset classes, discussing the range of benefits in comparison to traditional fixed-income bonds or dividends.

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ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSION: Diversifying with non-catastrophe insurance linked assets


Sara Benwell, Editor, Insurance Investor


Nick Dixon, Former Investment Director, Aegon

Robert Hauff, Portfolio Manager, Vesttoo

Huayin Lin, Senior Investment Portfolio Manager, Aviva Investors

Tom Sumpster, Head of Private Markets, Phoenix Group

Nick Dixon

Former Investment Director, Aegon

Robert Hauff

Portfolio Manager, Vesttoo

Huayin Lin

Senior Investment Portfolio Manager, Aviva Investors

Tom Sumpster

Head of Private Markets, Phoenix Group

Vesttoo is the world’s first marketplace for Life and P&C insurance-based risk transfer and investments. Our proprietary AI-based technology facilitates risk transfer between insurance companies and institutional investors, providing insurance-linked investments to asset managers, while enhancing risk transfer and liquidity in the Life and P&C insurance markets.